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 Game MMORTS End of Nations

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Game MMORTS End of Nations Empty
PostSubject: Game MMORTS End of Nations   Game MMORTS End of Nations EmptyTue Jun 22, 2010 10:38 pm

What is an MMORTS?

End of Nations is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy (MMORTS) game that combines the action and strategy of the RTS genre with the massive persistent world, character progression, and individual achievement of a traditional MMO.

Strategy gamers will immediately recognize traditional RTS game-play like moment-to-moment unit management, where knowing when and how to engage a specific unit can be the difference between victory and defeat.

End of Nations pushes the RTS genre forward by leveraging the abilities and buff systems of MMOs, giving the game a new level of strategic depth. You can use different abilities, buffs, and debuffs to help your friends and change the course of battle.

Real-Time Strategy

Just like in RTS games, you and your group complete missions by deploying units in different combinations. And because it's an MMO, you can also collect, build, and earn units over time to craft an army with a wide range of capabilities. Command heavy tanks on the front lines, or use artillery on the fringe of battle to support your teammates; End of Nations lets you play how you want, with whom you want, when you want.

End of Nations also revives a tried and true "points per unit" load-out system drawn from classic tabletop war games. You select units that add up to a predetermined point-value per battle, allowing both new recruits and veteran commanders to play side-by-side. This load-out system adds a new level of strategy to the RTS genre, because the units you deploy on the battlefield aren't easily replaced during game play. Choose poorly and your opponents will roll right over you!

Massively Multiplayer

End of Nations has fun and challenging solo play, but embraces the "massive" in MMO by giving RTS gamers the chance to take on missions, campaigns, and battles too immense for any one player. Play cooperatively on a global scale to overthrow the Order of Nations, the tyrannical "one world" government that has the future of humanity in its iron grip. You can also team up with your friends to battle it out with other players in extremely large player vs. player battles to insure your army maintains its peak fighting condition.

But the game doesn't stop when the battle ends. In End of Nations, different factions fight to change the political landscape and control new territories within the world. Step away from the game for a week and you may find your faction has lost ground -- or become a dominating force in the region.

End of Nations also incorporates the kind of individual progression, or "character development," usually found in RPGs. Whether you like dealing damage from afar or performing hit-and-run maneuvers, there is a Commander class that lets you play your way. Earn experience from solo or co-op battles, and unlock new units and abilities as you develop as a Commander. Collect a massive army and keep them in your persistent base that you can expand over time.

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Game MMORTS End of Nations
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